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Real stories from real TouchCare members. See some of the many ways we can help you.
  • Rebecca wanted to have a baby – not a web of insurance and healthcare nightmares. What tests are covered? Which are not? Does her plan have IVF? What hospitals are in-network?
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  • Brian had bills amounting in over $300k from his wife’s recent bout with cancer. Emotional and overwhelmed, Brian decided to file for bankruptcy. Then TouchCare stepped in and got it all wiped out.
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  • Cecilia needed an MRI of her brain but couldn't afford the $1,700 it was going to cost her. TouchCare helped her find a facility 20 minutes away that would perform the MRI for $350.
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  • Sean had lived with Type 1 diabetes for years. His company switched insurance plans and Sean wasn't sure which would fit his needs. During a 1:1 consultation, TouchCare confirmed his doctors remained in-network and found the lowest cost prescriptions.
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Understanding healthcare. With us, it’s personal.

TouchCare is a healthcare concierge service. We take care of all the things you don’t like or don’t know how to deal with: billing mistakes, finding and coordinating with providers, selecting a health insurance plan, and more.

America’s healthcare system is confusing, and things can go wrong. The best solution is to understand your options. Our service provides every member with a Personal Health Assistant. Our job is to make your life easier, save you money, and empower you to make the best healthcare decisions for you and your family.

Our unique concierge services for maternity, prescription drug management, and cancer treatment will go the distance to assist you through the most intimidating healthcare challenges you face.


What We Do

  • Price Transparency

    The price of services in healthcare can vary by as much as 4,000% for the same procedure. TouchCare enables consumerism by directing members to high quality, low-cost options to ensure the most bang for their healthcare buck.

  • Claims Adjudication

    TouchCare has specially trained billing experts who review and negotiate bills on behalf of our members. Often, we're able to save members hundreds of dollars.

  • Provider and Facility Reviews

    We assess every provider based on a proprietary set of criteria. TouchCare Health Assistants carefully match based on location, cost, specialty type, and gender preference.

  • Records Transfer

    We know coordinating care can be difficult — particularly for members with chronic conditions. TouchCare can handle records transfers between PCP sand specialists to ensure consistency in treatment.

  • Open Enrollment Support

    TouchCare partners with your HR team, handling all OE-related plan questions. We also give you marketing materials to support OE.

  • Core Benefit Support

    TouchCare learns the ins and outs of your company's major medical, dental, and vision plans. We take all benefits questions off your HR's plate.

  • Plan Selection

    TouchCare can set up 15-minute consultations with your employees to help them select the best plan for their individual needs.

  • Ancillary Benefit Support

    From FSAs to HSAs, to telemedicine to STD/LTD, TouchCare helps your employees navigate every aspect of their benefits package.

  • "Wellness Wednesday" Webinars

    TouchCare's industry-leading utilization is the result of engaging our members throughout the entire year. One tool in our engagement strategy is our weekly webinars focused on wellness.

  • Provider Assessment

    TouchCare takes our thoughtful referrals a step further. Our HAs research medical providers thoroughly and give our members a concise comparison in a side-by-side quality assessment.

  • Cost Comparison

    When a member is anticipating a procedure, our experts research multiple providers and present this information in a clear, easy-to-read report. All estimates come with a “money back” guarantee.

  • Individual Benefit Refreshers

    For members confused about their benefits or preparing for a life event like marriage or pregnancy, TouchCare sets up 15-minute individual consultations to walk members through their benefits and answer specific questions.

  • Detailed Impact Reports

    TouchCare gives our clients insight into not only how their employees are using the platform, but also how TouchCare is able to save them time and money.

  • Dedicated Client Relationship Manager

    TouchCare knows that the best way to deliver results is with a dedicated person who is laser-focused on your employees. We're a benefit your employees need — and one they'll actually use.

A Healthy Dose of Knowledge from our Blog

Mental Health Matters

By Juliet Frerking on May 24, 2018

At TouchCare, we love talking all things health. It’s even in our tagline – a healthier understanding of healthcare. Our goal is make sure our members understand all their benefits and use them efficiently to be better consumers and get the best care possible.

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Stay Fit at Your 9 to 5

By Dana Hannsgen on June 07, 2018

We all know the struggles of staying fit while sitting at a desk all day—sore back, no time for exercise, eyes bloodshot from staring down at the computer all day. It can be painful to think about all the time you spend sitting during the week and exercising, and meal prepping can feel overwhelming after a busy day at work.

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The New Budget

By Juliet Frerking on May 3, 2018

It’s no secret that healthcare can be confusing. As an industry, it has little or no price transparency, and consumers often are surprised at a bill after the procedure has taken place. Imagine walking into any retail store and purchasing an item with no concept of what it will cost (!)

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