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    Our Personal Health Assistants help your employees navigate the complex health system. Whether that means finding providers, answering insurance questions, or addressing convoluted medical issues, we’ll find a solution to their problems.
    TouchCare is here to take the pain out of healthcare and our interface reflects that. Using TouchCare is easy. Just download the app, call, or explore our website and you’ll be met with a winning combination of engaging technology and caring, empathetic experts. And getting started is even easier—just send TouchCare an employee census file. Click here to get started
    With a proactive approach and 98% satisfaction rating, it’s no surprise that our utilization rate is 10 times that of our competitors. Your employees will use TouchCare to address all their questions and concerns about their health insurance and healthcare.
    TouchCare provides you with support, not just for open enrollment, but all year round. Give your employees the tools they need with a service that helps them understand their plans, cut through insurance jargon, and better interact with the healthcare system.
    When it comes to saving your company money, the numbers are clear. By enabling members to be better consumers of healthcare, we’re able to help reduce their costs–and yours. From price shopping for procedures, doctors, to prescription drugs, we ensure the highest quality and the lowest cost possible.

Members Love Us

User satisfaction.

Members Use Us

We have 10 times the utilization rate of our competitors.

Clients Save With Us

Average savings per interaction.

The Touchcare Difference

TouchCare combines our industry-leading expertise with a thorough understanding of our members' benefits and personal needs. We achieve higher utilization than our competition because of our concierge-style approach designed to benefit only our clients. A request from one of our members is handled start to finish by the same personal health assistant.

Our only goal is our members' best interests - whether that be answering a quick benefit question in plain English or going to bat against the providers on billing mistakes. Our holistic approach means nothing is ever left unanswered.

Healthcare can be emotional. When was the last time your healthcare experience was amazing? With TouchCare, we make the healthcare work for you, not against you.



  • How does TouchCare help me?

    View TouchCare as an extension of your HR department. By offloading complicated, time consuming employee benefit issues to us, you free yourself up to focus on being strategic. We align our messaging and ensure your employees have an incredible experience when working with TouchCare. It’s a far different experience than what they’re used to when it comes to insurance.

  • How does TouchCare save my company money?

    TouchCare’s goal is always to produce ROI for our clients. Some of the key ways that we help pass product savings to our customers:

    • Price transparency – steering employees to high quality, low cost options for their medical procedures helps reduce your overall claims spend.
    • Proactive health management – by focusing on preventative health and wellness, our team encourages and values the role of Primary Care Physicians in proactive health management.
    • Labor – the average US employer suffers close to $1,700 per employee per year in absenteeism. The majority of this is driven by medically-related issues. Insurance companies and healthcare providers tend to be open at the same time as core business hours. At TouchCare, we save our members an average of 3.5 hours worth of productivity.
  • Will my employees get confused?

    We understand that employees have a lot of different options to call with medically related issues. That’s why we like to think of ourselves as traffic cops. We encourage members to “think TouchCare first” and then we help them get in touch with the best solution for their unique needs without any back and forth. That could mean the health insurance company, but it could also mean an EAP, Telemedicine program, or a second opinion program. We want to help increase utilization in all your healthcare-related investments.

  • Do you support other benefits?

    YES! At TouchCare we have a holistic approach to supporting your employees and their family members. That means we help with any employee benefit-related question or challenge.

  • Do you support open enrollment?

    YES! We love supporting open enrollment with our team of licensed Expert Health Assistants. Many clients ask us to be available for decision support services during open enrollment to help their employees choose the right plan for their individual needs.

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