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TouchCare functions as an extension of your current HR department.
We work to bolster your commitment to healthier, happier employees.

How We Partner with HR

Our concierge-style approach saves members time, money, and hassle.
All while delivering a seamless, high-touch member experience.

Dramatic Engagement

TouchCare averages a 20% engagement in year one! Our industry-leading utilization is tied to our strategic, proactive approach. We don’t wait for members to reach out.

Total Support

We get to know your total benefits package—not just your healthcare benefits. Our Health Assistants take complex questions off HR’s plate to provide an exceptional member experience.

Exceptional Service

Our Health Assistants go the extra mile to ensure our members have a positive experience with their healthcare. We’ve also maintained a 98% member satisfaction rate!

We’re here to help

Over 95 percent of Americans cannot accurately define common healthcare terms like copay, coinsurance, deductible, and out-of-pocket maximum. And only 19 percent of managers think their employees have a high level of understanding of their healthcare benefits.

Our expert Health Assistants get to know your company, your employees, and your benefits. We study your local healthcare market so we can help your employees make better informed decisions at all levels of care.

Implement in Minutes

Intuitive, easy-to-use broker portal lets you upload plan documents with a single click. Census files contain a minimum of four fields and eligibility can be uploaded in less than a minute.

Dedicated Account Manager

We pair you with a dedicated account manager, who is your day-to-day contact for your account. From strategizing with HR partners to handling member escalations to providing you with detailed reporting, your AM is your partner for all things TouchCare.

Detailed Reporting

Clients love us because members use us. Our detailed utilization report dives into the types of questions members are asking, average response time, and much more. For our larger clients, we provide an in-depth, 25-page Semi-Annual Business Review highlighting TouchCare’s impact on the organization.

Engaging Content

We keep HR up-to-date with TouchCare through our monthly HR emails and resource center. Our HR and member newsletters contain pertinent details about upcoming contests, webinars, as well as TouchCare company updates. Our HR resource page is packed with monthly flyers, educational packets, video tutorials, past webinars, and more!

Over 1000 Clients Nationwide

TouchCare partners and clients come in all different sizes and locations. We have relationships in every state across rural and urban locales.

Our addressable market is anyone who wants a better experience when it comes to navigating the complexities of our healthcare system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to ensure my clients use TouchCare?

After implementing hundreds of clients, we’ve noticed two common keys to a successful relationship: 

  1. Member Email Addresses
  2. Client Call with HR

Not including member emails means utilization will be MUCH lower. Email is used to remind members about TouchCare services, webinars, and contests on an ongoing basis. 

The Client Call with HR kicks off the relationship between the member and the Account Manager. When we ask members how they heard about TouchCare, nearly 70% of them say they heard about TouchCare through their HR team.

How can members contact TouchCare

Getting started with TouchCare is easy. Members can access TouchCare in four different ways:

  • Phone: Give us a ring at (866) 486-8242.
    • We’re available 8am-9pm ET, Monday – Friday. If we’re on other calls, after 45 seconds you will be transferred to voicemail. We’ll call you back within 30 minutes. 
  • App: Download our iOS App (here) or our Android App (here)
  • Email: Reach out via
  • WebPortal: Simply click the Member Login at the top of the TouchCare home page.

What types of questions does TouchCare answer?

Think of TouchCare as the “traffic cop” for all your employer-sponsored benefits for your employees. From insurance coverage, to your benefits package, to billing questions, TouchCare can solve the problem or point your employees in the right direction. For example, if they’re looking for a new physician, planning a medical procedure, or think they might have been overbilled, TouchCare can help. We encourage members to “think TouchCare first.” We’re always here for our members.

Is TouchCare secure? Will employers know what members ask about?

TouchCare is completely HIPAA compliant, which means all member information is securely stored and never shared with their employer. TouchCare reports general statistics (like how many employees have used TouchCare in the past year), but TouchCare never shares personally identifiable information.

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