Never overpay for vital medications

PharmaCare is a cost containment program that focuses on specialty and high-cost medications, offering employer savings of up to 75% on pharmacy-associated costs.

Benefits of our pharmacy program:

An effective program that greatly reduces pharmacy-related costs.

  • Members can reduce their copay and often pay nothing at all.
  • Our experts find the best cost savings options possible.
  • Little to no disruption to the member or the employer.
  • Works with most PBMs.
  • Member-focused support.

PharmaCare helps employers and their members to proactively save on healthcare related costs. With this program, our experts ensure members are never overpaying for their vital medications.


Members will often see little to no costs for their drugs without any significant disruptions to their current pharmacy plan.


Our team works directly with each member to support them through the process, with little to no disruptions.


Employers receive transparent savings while members are able to get medication deliveries directly to their doors.

Case Study

The Issue:

A member informed our Health Assistant that she was having difficulties affording her Hepatitis medication. Our Health Assistant provided emotional support to the member, reminded her of the importance of taking her medication and mentioned she would look into the best options for her prescription. 

The Outcome: 

Through the PharmaCare program, our team was able to identify new options that were more cost-effective. With the proper support, the member was able to get the medication at a better value and avoid at least one ER visit due to the potential for disease progression without proper treatment. This saved the health plan and member $1,637.02, the median cost for ER visits in 2018.

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"I’ve been extremely satisfied with the support that has been provided to me. Having my medication delivered right to my door at a significantly lower cost has been such a relief! Thank you!"

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With PharmaCare, members have access to the medications
they need at the very best value.

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