Cecilia Walsh's Story

``TouchCare helped me find a way to afford the MRI I needed.``

This is Cecilia Walsh’s story

Cecilia’s company decided to switch to a new insurance provider in order to save on cost. Their Open Enrollment period was rushed due to the last-minute change. Her HR department suggested that she reach out to TouchCare.

Cecilia signed up online for a 15 minute, 1:1 phone consultation with one of our Health Assistants.

She discussed her plan options, explored how the company plans differ from what she had on her partner’s plan, and learned more about her company’s Health Savings Account.

Fast forward two months, Cecilia signed up for one of TouchCare’s free “Wellness Wednesday” webinars, focusing on the importance of Primary Care. As an active, healthy female, Cecilia hadn’t had an annual physical recently; the webinar explained that one annual physical is completely free through her insurance plan.

"TouchCare is an amazing resource. I had never understood insurance before. Ethan explained how the system works and helped me with my specific situation."

She reached out to TouchCare via the app to find an in-network PCP who was accepting new patients. Ethan matched her with a physician who met her gender preference, location preference, and scheduling availability — all within a 10 min walk of her office. We made the appointment on her behalf, told her what to expect at her appointment, and reminded Cecilia about her appointment the day before.

At her physical, the PCP requested that Cecilia schedule an MRI due to migraines she had had for the past few years. This concerned Cecilia – for many reasons. She was afraid of what the results might show, and she could not afford the $1,700 for the MRI at the facility her doctor referred her to.

"When I thought I couldn’t pay for my MRI, Ethan found a way. He is a Godsend."

Cecilia actually considered playing roulette with her health and not moving forward with the MRI due to cost.

After additional thought, Cecilia remembered that her Expert Health Assistant, Ethan, was so helpful twice before, so she decided to reach out a third time to determine if TouchCare could assist with a lower cost option.

After a brief conversation with Cecilia, Ethan researched MRI facilities in the area. He was able to find an imaging center within 20 minutes from her home, for $350. Then, Ethan sent over three options in an easy-to-read format, our proprietary “TouchCare Cost Comparison Report.”

The result? Cecilia was able to afford the procedure and worked with Ethan to schedule an appointment within 48 hours.

She got the care she needed, at a price she could afford.

As you can imagine, Cecilia was grateful to have someone who was on her side – not the insurance company’s.

Not only was she able to save over a thousand dollars on her procedure, but also she had an advocate who could explain all the ins and outs of her benefits. At TouchCare, we encourage our members to “think TouchCare first.” Just ask.

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