Brian Parker's Story

``TouchCare helped me save $300k after my wife passed.``

This is Brian Parker’s story

Brian reached out to TouchCare to discuss multiple bills that he received, which were in collections, following the passing of his wife.

In total, the bills added up to approximately $300k.

Understandably, Brian was extremely distraught. While he was processing the loss of his life partner, he was receiving repeated calls from collections agencies and making what payments he could toward his wife’s medical bills. On a good day, the process of submission, coverage, creditors, providers is a confusing soup of healthcare lingo to navigate — and when you are not at your best, it becomes impenetrable. Adding to the confusion, the company Brian worked for had been acquired by his current employer, and his plan changed in the middle of his wife’s care.

"I can not speak highly enough about Shanetha Downing. From the very first call to the
last, she handled everything so professionally."

That’s where TouchCare came in.

One of TouchCare’s Health Assistants immediately escalated his case to our Billing Expert, Shanetha Downing. Shanetha reassured Brian and worked with him to receive copies of all of his bills and previous plan information. Then, she worked with the carriers to obtain EOP’s (Explanation of Payment), detailing previous claim submissions/payments. After reviewing all of the information and speaking with multiple involved parties, she was able to coordinate a three-way call directly between the creditor and the facility. The facility confirmed the bill had been incorrectly submitted to insurance.

"I truly felt I was going to be in good hands and issues would be resolved. Unless you go thru something like this, words cannot truly express your feelings."

During all this back and forth, Brian had a caring Billing Expert advocating on his behalf, setting up calls and explaining the ins and outs of insurance in plain English.

At TouchCare, we’re on your side, not the insurance company’s.

As the Maximum Out-of-Pocket had been met by Brian, the entire amount was covered entirely by the carrier.

As you can imagine, Brian was beyond thankful and incredibly emotional regarding this resolution. Not only did he have $300,000 worth of medical bills wiped out, but he could refocus his attention back to his family.

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