Trevor Lee's Story

``TouchCare helped me pick the best insurance plan for my diabetes.``

This is Trevor Lee’s story

Since Trevor was healthy for most of his life, he barely thought about having a chronic disease. When he was nine years old, he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

While his medication and management were mostly under control, Trevor knew that any changes to his employer-sponsored insurance could translate to thousands of dollars in out of his pocket costs.

Trevor received an email from his employer’s HR about their Open Enrollment period. From a quick scan of the new plans, Trevor was immediately confused. He needed to make sure his existing doctors were in-network, his medications would be covered, and his medical equipment and supplies would still be provided at a discounted rate.

"I was used to being my own advocate. I had no idea that a service like TouchCare even existed."

That’s where TouchCare came in.

The HR team at Trevor’s company suggested that he schedule a 1:1 consultation with a licensed Open Enrollment Specialist at TouchCare. Trevor filled out a detailed Intake Form, listing out all his concerns and questions. Then, his Specialist spent several hours diving into not just the medical plans offered by Trevor’s employer but also the ancillary benefits that might help him save money.

"Colleen was very easy to talk to and answered my questions about my new plan. She treats her customers as she would like to be treated herself. "

During the 15 min consultation, Trevor’s Health Assistant, Colleen, was able to recommend the best insurance plan for his specific needs.

Additionally, she walked Trevor through his HSA option to help control costs, as well as some discount options for medical equipment and supplies.

After the call, Trevor received a summary document, clearly defining the deductible amounts that would need to be met, specialist copays, etc. as well as the recommended plan for him.

Three weeks after the Open Enrollment period, Trevor received a phone call checking in on his new plan from Colleen (the Health Assistant he worked with before). Trevor mentioned that he was still working out the details for some of his medical equipment and supplies. Colleen made note of all equipment needed and followed up on the cost of glucometers, test strips, ketone strips, lancets, and syringes — as well as some information about available coupons.

Trevor has now reached out to TouchCare five times for additional questions about his benefits — and has introduced his wife to the service.

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