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Our Open Enrollment Consultations provide peace of mind.
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All we need is 30 minutes. Our Open Enrollment Specialists research benefit plans and needs before the call, so we can make the most of your time.

Fully Personalized

Simply schedule an appointment, fill out a form discussing your current medications, physicians, and any upcoming life events or surgeries. Every call is unique.


We’ll follow-up with a summary of our conversation so you’re ready to select the right plans for you and your family’s needs.

Selecting benefits doesn’t need to be hard

Our Open Enrollment Consults make it easy for you to find the right plan for you and your family’s unique healthcare needs.

Completely Free

What more can we say? This custom consultation costs you and your family absolutely nothing. TouchCare helps you maximize your benefits package and save money.

Total Benefit Support

Selecting a medical plan is just the beginning. We give you advice on all of your employer-sponsored benefits as well as ancillary options (think: FSAs, HSAs, etc).

High Touch Service

These 30 minutes are for you. We invite you to ask us any questions you may have. If we don’t know the answer on the spot, we’ll get back to you with a researched answer.

FSA, HSA, HRA…Do these acronyms make your head spin?

TouchCare can explain these in plain English. Understanding how to use these benefits effectively translates to real savings.

We’re here to help you get the most out of their employer-sponsored benefits – and save money in the process.

Open Enrollment Consultations

How does it work?



Fill out an intake form detailing your family’s specific needs. All information is confidential and never shared with your employer.



During a 30-minute appointment, we’ll walk you through your employer-sponsored benefits and discuss your specific needs.



You’ll receive a detailed summary of the call, along with any answers to questions that were not resolved. Their plan recommendation is clearly outlined.

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Our Open Enrollment Consultations are personalized for you and your family’s needs.
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What are 1:1 scheduled OE sessions?

Scheduled 1:1 OE sessions are reserved for individuals who need in-depth, consultative advice and guidance from a TouchCare OE specialist prior to making plan decisions when they are experiencing Open Enrollment, when they are a new hire, or when they have experienced a Qualifying Life Event.

How do I schedule an OE consultation?

Scheduling an OE consultation can be done one out of two ways.  The preferred scheduling method is via our app or our member portal.  To schedule a consultation, please visit .  Simply click the “get scheduled” tab, answer questions that will help your consultant prepare for your consultation, and select the date and time you would like to have a TouchCare OE consultant contact you at the number you provide upon scheduling.

Can TouchCare OE Support Specialists enroll me in my plans?

TouchCare OE Support Specialists cannot physically enroll you in your plans or answer technical or physical enrollment questions about the enrollment platform you are using.  TouchCare OE consultants will answer any questions about the actual plans that are being provided by your employer and help you compare options prior to your physical enrollment.

What can I do if I just have a few questions? In this case, do I really need to schedule a consultation?

Not at all.  If you have 1-2 questions about a plan or plans, feel free to send your questions to our TouchCare Health Assistants by logging into our member portal or by downloading our app via the app store (available for both iOS and Android devices) and asking a question/questions.

What if I schedule an OE after my deadline has passed?

Unless your employer has offered a silent grace period, TouchCare can still answer questions, but we cannot guarantee that you will have the ability to enroll in your plan.  TouchCare is your third-party advocacy solution.  We are not aligned with company policies and procedures regarding open enrollment dates or physical enrollment.  You can always enroll within 30 days of a qualifying life event (such as marriage, the birth of a child, divorce, etc).  Otherwise, you may need to wait until the next plan year to enroll in your company’s plan.

What if there is no availability or availability that does not align with my schedule prior to my deadline?

Please contact our service team at 866-486-8242.  We will be happy to manually schedule you for a consultation. If you have waited until the last day of Open Enrollment to schedule your consultation, we cannot guarantee availability.

Is my OE with a TouchCare specialist held via video conference?

TouchCare consultations are held via phone.  We do not share screens or provide video conferencing options for our consultations.

Will a TC specialist call me or do I need to call them?

Your TouchCare Open Enrollment specialist will call you at the number you provided at the time of scheduling. 

What if I miss my scheduled call?

If you missed your scheduled call, you will need to reschedule your consultation.

What if I have more questions than can be covered during my 30 minute consultation?

During peak OE season (particularly during the month of November), consultations typically cannot last more than 30 minutes.  Your OE consultant will offer to call you at a later time to continue your consultation or follow up in writing with any remaining questions you may have.

What if I am late for the call?

If you miss your call from your TouchCare OE consultant, you can contact our team by calling 866-486-8242.  If your consultant is available during the time you scheduled you will be routed to them or they will call you back as quickly as possible.  Again, during peak time, TouchCare is respectful of all of our member’s needs.  We cannot guarantee the full 30 minutes if you miss our call and your session begins at a later time due to other scheduled appointments that require our attention.

What if I am comparing my employer's plan to my spouse's plan? Can TouchCare assist me?

TouchCare would be happy to assist with this comparison.  Please be prepared by having your spouse’s plan documents and premiums available for discussion and accessible electronically.  If you can send these documents prior to your consultation, our Health Assistants can prepare more effectively for your discussion.

What if I wait until the last minute and there is no availability?

Unfortunately, TouchCare cannot create more availability.  You will need to find an alternative resource if you have questions about your plans prior to physically enrolling.  We encourage all employees to not wait until the last day of enrollment to schedule a consultation. 

Are there any benefits that TouchCare cannot provide consultative advice or guidance to support during OE?

TouchCare does not provide advice and guidance regarding your 401(k) plan.  We encourage you to connect with your Financial Advisor for discussions relating to investment options and planning.

Can I call in and receive immediate, on the spot support when I need OE plan assistance?

TouchCare does not offer “on the spot” OE assistance.  When you call TouchCare’s service center, you will reach an intake specialist who will evaluate your questions and needs.  If a consultation is needed, you will either be manually scheduled with a TouchCare OE Consultant, or the Intake Specialist will send a scheduling link to you via our secure portal.  TouchCare’s OE specialists are specifically trained to provide OE consultations and we want to ensure you are working with a trained advisor when they need this level of support.

Can other members of my family attend OE consultations?

We encourage attendance for those members of your family who assist with the navigation of your benefits.  Our Specialists are accustomed to working with dependents with every need, but we especially appreciate making sure all questions are answered for those who will be using the plan.  Oftentimes, dependents might know “more” about the health and needs of your family and might benefit from these consultations.

What if we determine that my providers are out of network with my new plan? Will my OE Specialist provide assistance?

If it is determined that research into specific areas of your plan needs to take place, or if you need to find new providers, your TouchCare OE Specialist will open new inquiries aligning with your needs and support will be provided.  We are always happy to make certain that our members are entirely comfortable with their options and have all of the necessary resources in place prior to the beginning of their new plan year. 

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