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Our service gives you access to world-renowned doctors
in a variety of specialties and sub-specialties.

Face any diagnosis with confidence

When members are unsure about a diagnosis or need help deciding on a treatment plan,
we’re here to help you make an informed decision.

Best in class

MD Opinions gives you access to over
30,000 expert physicians globally.


Our live, doctor-to-patient sessions and text message
conversations minimize the fear around a diagnosis.


TouchCare Health Assistants are available to provide compassionate support and expert guidance.

A diagnosis doesn’t impact just one person.

Medical issues impact the whole family — and can even impact an entire company. Our experts can provide the best possible medical advice so that members can make medical decisions with confidence, quickly. TouchCare has partnered with MD Opinions to give your employees personalized guidance throughout their entire journey.

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Better Prevention

  • MD Opinions' comprehensive, world-class screening and prevention program is designed by Dr. Bernard Levin, the VP of the Cancer Prevention division at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Early prevention and detection is the most cost-effective and comfortable way to manage any diagnosis.

Lower Cost

  • Expert-enhanced decision making leads to optimal use of expensive testing and treatments. We aim to reduce over-testing, repeat testing, and overtreatment. When appropriate, MD Opinions can give patients the confidence to be treated at a local hospital, decreasing out-of-pocket expenses.

Impact on members

Receiving a diagnosis is life-changing. MD Opinions gives members and their family access to personalized,
expert guidance throughout the clinical decision-making process.


When the bills began to pile up, my dedicated Health Assistant helped me know which ones to pay and which ones to negotiate. I don’t know what I would have done without TouchCare and MD Opinions.

Andrew C.
Andrew C.

TouchCare Member


Getting on the video call was really straightforward and easy. I’m not the most tech savvy person, and I hate it when I have to figure out something complicated when I’m not at my best.

Michael C.
Michael C.

TouchCare Member


Lucky for us, we were connected to MD Opinions. Through them, one of the most distinguished oncologists treating kidney cancer was able to speak through what tests to expect and treatment options.

Amy S.
Amy S.

TouchCare Member

See how MD Opinions helped Ken.

Ken was diagnosed with kidney cancer in June of 2015. In this video, Ken and his wife, Karlyn, talk about how MD Opinions change the trajectory of his treatment choices.

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