Rebecca Bonomi's Story

``TouchCare helped me make sense of the complexities (and cost!) of IVF.``

This is Rebecca Bonomi’s story

As a healthy HR leader in a growing organization, Rebecca rarely required healthcare intervention and was always incredibly proactive with scheduling annual wellness visits, following a healthy diet and exercise plan, and managing her day to day work-life balance. It wasn’t until Rebecca and her husband began the exciting journey of family planning that Rebecca experienced, first hand, the complexity of the healthcare system.

When Rebecca first contacted TouchCare, she explained that she felt lost and defeated.

After trying to conceive naturally for several months, Rebecca’s OBGYN recommended that she visit a fertility specialist to explore other options.

Following many tests, the specialist recommended In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Rebecca and her husband did not know where to begin and their bills (and frustrations) were mounting.

"I tell my employees to use TouchCare all the time…but, as an HR professional, I thought I’d never need assistance navigating healthcare. "

While at work one day, Rebecca received an email from TouchCare detailing how our Health Assistants provide personal and professional expertise with navigating the healthcare system. She reached out via phone and was able to speak with our TouchCare Health Assistant immediately.

"When I started trying to conceive, I got so many bills overnight. My HA told me which ones to pay and helped me find a cheaper alternative to my expensive prescriptions."

After understanding Rebecca’s situation, her Health Assistant worked on Rebecca’s behalf, speaking with specialists and carriers, determining in-network status, pre-authorization requirements, procedure and test coverage, prescription coverage, and additional specialist recommendations – including marriage counseling to assist with the stress that couples face when experiencing fertility issues. TouchCare stayed right by Rebecca’s side throughout her entire fertility journey.

TouchCare not only saved Rebecca and her husband money – but also and time – by making certain they received proper healthcare guidance.

From working with facilities to establish payment plan support, coordinating preauthorizations, making sure coverage was understood proactively, to evaluating (and sometimes appealing) almost every bill or claim, TouchCare was there. Beyond keeping track of the details, Rebecca’s HA was able to bring a level of comfort and ease to this couple.

Knowing that caring advocates were taking care of the complex administrative burdens involved with their care was life-changing during this challenging time. This couple was able to focus on what mattered most.

Thankfully, Rebecca’s story has a happy ending. Rebecca conceived and gave birth to healthy twin girls.

Their dedicated TouchCare Health Assistant continued working with the couple throughout their high-risk pregnancy, helping them find a high-risk provider, schedule necessary tests, appointments, in-network delivery facilities, and pediatric care. Rebecca now always contacts TouchCare first.

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