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TouchCare exists to create happier,
better consumers of healthcare.

How We Partner

TouchCare is the premier health advocacy service. Our concierge-style approach saves members time, money, and hassle.
We take all member questions off your plate, so you can get back to servicing your clients.

Uniquely Customizable

TouchCare customizes our approach to fit your needs. We are platform and carrier agnostic, meaning we can work with any solution you may already have in place. We work well with TPAs, GAs, consultants, captives, and more.

Dramatic ROI

Our goals are to produce happier employees and cost savings for your clients. Our impact reporting demonstrates our value by showing your clients how we achieve both goals through directing care and allowing employees to be more productive.

Exceptional Service

Our Health Assistants go the extra mile to make sure our members have a pleasant experience with the healthcare system and can focus on what matters. With a 98% satisfaction rating and full benefits support, we make brokers look great.

98% Member Satisfaction

Quite simply, our clients love us.

TouchCare delivers unparalleled member utilization,
which translates to clients seeing the value in our services
and renewing year after year.

Implement in Minutes

Intuitive, easy-to-use broker portal lets you upload plan documents with a single click. Census files contain a minimum of four fields and eligibility can be uploaded in less than a minute, eliminating back-and-forth.

Dedicated Account Manager

We pair you with a dedicated account manager, who is your day-to-day contact for your account. From strategizing with HR partners to handling member escalations to providing you with detailed reporting, your AM is your partner for all things TouchCare.

Detailed Reporting

Clients love us because members use us. Our detailed utilization report dives into the types of questions members are asking, average response time, median first reply time, and much more. For our larger clients, we provide an in-depth, 25-page Semi-Annual Business Review highlighting TouchCare’s impact on the organization.

600+ Consultants Nationwide

TouchCare partners and clients come in all different sizes and locations. We have relationships in every state across rural and urban locales.

Our addressable market is anyone who wants a better experience when it comes to navigating the complexities of our healthcare system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to ensure my clients use TouchCare?

After implementing hundreds of clients, we’ve noticed two common keys to a successful relationship: 

  1. Member Email Addresses
  2. Client Call with HR

Not including member emails means utilization will be MUCH lower. Email is used to remind members about TouchCare services, webinars, and contests on an ongoing basis. 

The Client Call with HR kicks off the relationship between the member and the Account Manager. When we ask members how they heard about TouchCare, nearly 70% of them say they heard about TouchCare through their HR team.

What size groups do you work with?

15+. TouchCare clients come in all different sizes and industries. Our addressable market is anyone who wants a better experience when it comes to navigating the complexities of our healthcare system.

What does the TouchCare support model look like?

Each client and broker has access to a dedicated Account Manager who is the strategic resource and escalation point. 

Employees and their family members are supported by a pod of Health Assistants, which typically is made up of different tiers of agents and well as a billing expert. Each unique case is followed from start to finish by the same Health Assistant, ensuring consistency and accuracy as well as a pleasant member experience.

How does TouchCare help my employers and employees save money?

There are a lot of ways that TouchCare helps both employers and employees save money. First, the cost of services in healthcare is very non-transparent. We guide employees toward low cost, high quality providers so they are sure to be taken care of and get the most bang out of their healthcare buck. 

Additionally, most employees deal with healthcare related issues during the workday. We can’t prevent employees from playing Fantasy Football, but by taking over their healthcare challenges, TouchCare helps reduce losses associated with absenteeism & presenteeism that plague all employers.

When is the best time to implement TouchCare?

This depends on your client’s strategy. Some employers prefer to introduce TouchCare as a part of their open enrollment period as an exciting new benefit to offer their employees. Others prefer to introduce TouchCare off-cycle as a great way to engage employees throughout the year and ensure that TouchCare is fully embedded for next year’s open enrollment to help answer employee questions.

We launch on the 1st or the 15th of the month.

How do clients get started with TouchCare?

Getting started with TouchCare is easy! Our implementation process requires very little lift from you or your client. We simply need an eligibility census, plan documents, and the signed services agreements, and we’re ready to go. (More in the Implementation FAQs) 

From there, our Client Success Team will set up a client call to discuss how we make sure your clients onboarding experience is fantastic.

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