TouchCare is a healthcare concierge service.
Our mission is to help members be better consumers of healthcare.
(And save them lots of money in the process)

Our Mission

TouchCare enhances the healthcare experience, knowledge, and engagement for consumers.

Our compassionate, reliable advocates empower members to make better decisions by simplifying the entire medical & employee benefits landscape.

Our mission is to reassign power back into consumers’ hands – not the insurance companies or healthcare providers.

We get it, healthcare is confusing

America’s healthcare system is confusing, and things can go wrong. The best solution is to understand your options. Our service provides every member with an expert Health Assistant. Our job is to make members’ lives easier, save them money, and empower them to make the best healthcare decisions for themselves and their family.

Meet the team


Juliet Frerking



Codi Gill

VP Client Success


Angela Marchak

VP of Sales


Nicholas Becker

Creative & Marketing Director

A healthier understanding
of healthcare

Discover how TouchCare’s healthcare concierge can improve employee
experience and reduce medical costs by changing consumer behavior.

Let's Work Together.

Our only goals are to produce happier employees and cost savings for your clients.
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Understanding healthcare; with us, it’s personal.


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