What Do Avocado Toast and Healthcare Have in Common?

March 8, 2019
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March 8, 2019 TouchCare Team

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll know the latest craze in the culinary world of brunch, is the avocado toast (or avo smash if you really want to be hipster about it). Sprinkled with fairy dust, unicorn hair or magical chili flakes, it is still just avocado smushed on bread. Millennials, in particular, have taken to it like a duck to water. So much so, that an Instagram account was created that calculates the years of avocado toast it would take to purchase your dream home.

Almost every cafe now serves a variation of avocado toast. The main ingredients are the same – avocados and toast. Cafes add their own flavor, such as a poached egg, olive oil, chili flakes, feta cheese, salt, pepper, and the list goes on.
"This may sound crazy, but when I think about finding the best-priced avocado toast, I compare it to my recent experience with the healthcare system."

Essentially all of these cafes are selling the same thing, but depending on their location, they price them differently. If we look at 3 different cafes in Brooklyn, you can find the World’s First Avocado Bar, Avocaderia selling avo smash’s from $6.95, the Pig House Tavern smash goes for $9, and Willowtown throws some dijon mayo and allepo pepper on some avocado and bread and sells it for $11.

If we cross the bridge into Manhattan, Buvette offers it’s toast for a reasonable $10. Australian Cafe, Two Hands dishes up their spin on the smash for $14. I’d recommend visiting an ATM first before heading to While We Were Young, which sells its Avocado Toast for $18! It seems pretty crazy to pay $18 for avocados on toast when all of these restaurants are less than a mile from each other, but I will continue my quest to find the best avo smash for the best price.

This may sound crazy, but when I think about finding the best-priced avocado toast, I compare it to my recent experience with the healthcare system.

Hear me out.

Last year, I needed an MRI. Due to my experience as an employee and user of TouchCare, I researched my different facility options and got price estimates. Being on an HDHP, it was very important for me to find the lowest cost, but this is my health that we’re talking about so I didn’t want to take chances. I also read reviews and asked around for recommendations from my doctor and friends. In the end, I found a low cost, high-quality facility that was close to my home – something I’m still trying to figure out for Avocado toast (While We Were Young is, unfortunately, the closest purveyor to my apartment).

If, like most folks, healthcare research isn’t your favorite pastime – call TouchCare. Our Health Assistants will do it for you. But don’t take it from me. Take a look at our cost comparison report. Our Health Assistants will provide you with cost estimates from 3 different facilities that offer the same procedure, so you can decide where you would like to go. Not only will you save hours of your time, but it’s completely transparent, and that makes me feel like I have someone who’s got my back. It’s like knowing the price and fancy topping on my avocado toast before even walking into the restaurant. And Lord knows that’s where all the money I saved is going!

Fortunately for me, I enjoy the services that we offer at TouchCare; however, I want to be in charge of my health, and that includes taking control of my healthcare and making it work for me. I enjoy being able to recommend great doctors and facilities to my friends so they can also have a great healthcare experience. It’s time that we became better healthcare consumers and, believe me, it’s not as scary as it sounds when you have an expert on your side.

If you are still not convinced that you should look at your healthcare the way you look at avocado toast, read our blog on 10 reasons you need health advocacy.

So, who’s up for brunch this weekend? I know an awesome place with excellent avo smash at a great price.

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