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May: Healthy Headspace- Look Around: Look Within
April: Pain Management & Prevention
March: Colon Cancer Awareness
February: Immune Health
January: Live Well, Age Well
December: Happy Healthy Holidays
November: Men’s Health- ZERO Out Prostate Cancer
October: Healthy Tips For Your Back & Spine
September: The Golden Years- Medicare & Caregiving Options for Seniors
August: It Takes Guts- Maintaining a Healthy Digestive System 
July: Closing the Gap on Healthcare Literacy
June: Brain Health Awareness

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can TouchCare help me?

TouchCare is here to help you get the most out of your benefits, which translates to you saving money and using your benefits smarter. As your advocate and expert Health Assistant, we can assist with:

    • Benefits navigation for health insurance & voluntary benefits
    • Billing & claims negotiation
    • Provider searches & appointment scheduling
    • Cost comparisons
    • Procedure preparation assistance
    • RxCare
    • and more!

How do I schedule a consultation?


For all other inquiries, click the Member Login at the top of the page, log in via the app, email us (, or give us a ring at (866) 486-8242.

Click here to watch a quick tutorial.

How much does TouchCare cost?

TouchCare is completely free for members. In many instances, we can save money for our members — so it pays you to use TouchCare!

Is my information confidential?

TouchCare is completely HIPAA compliant, which means all your information is securely stored and never shared with your employer. TouchCare reports general statistics (like how many employees have used TouchCare in the past year), but TouchCare never shares personally identifiable information.

What are some typical questions members ask?

  • There’s an error on my bill, can you help me fix this?
  • Where can I get an MRI?
  • Can you help me find an in-network dentist near me?
  • What’s an FSA?
  • Where can I get tested for COVID-19?
  • Am I paying too much for my prescription drugs?
  • What plan did I enroll in again?
  • How much have I met toward my deductible?
  • Is fertility testing covered in my plan?
  • Can you help me find an in-network therapist?
  • What’s the best plan for my family and me?
  • I need bloodwork, what’s the cheapest option?

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