10 Reasons You Need Healthcare Advocacy

March 8, 2019
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March 8, 2019 TouchCare Team

TouchCare is a concierge healthcare advocacy company. Our team is dedicated to giving our clients and their family members a better experience when it comes to navigating the complex healthcare system. Health insurance is expensive and stressful. Healthcare advocacy aims to reduce both the cost burden and the stress.

"Only 4% of Americans can accurately define those common health insurance terms. "

1. It takes an expert.

Deductible, coinsurance, out-of-pocket max, copayOnly 4% of Americans can accurately define those common health insurance terms.

Healthcare advocacy programs (like TouchCare) are like having a mom who is an industry expert. We’re there when you need help cutting through the noise and connecting the dots between your scheduled EKG and how it interacts with your deductible and copay and making sure you don’t get overcharged.

2. Reading a bill is like learning another language.

Ever take a look at your healthcare bill and think “oh, that makes sense?” We didn’t think so. Reading a healthcare bill can be like learning another language. At TouchCare, we speak that language well.

3. The healthcare system has no pricing transparency.

The price of an MRI alone can vary by as much as $3,200! Some procedures can vary by as much as tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. A healthcare advocate can help you find the lowest cost, highest quality options available.

4. How else do you know if your doctor is good?

The troubling thing about the cost variance in healthcare is that it has little to nothing to do with quality. It’s hard to find a good doctor, but important. If you’re having surgery, you want to know that person is good at their job. You don’t buy shoes without trying a few options on; why do you trust your surgeon without reading reviews first? You have a lot at stake in your healthcare choices and having a personal healthcare advocate to help provide you with options is a great way to feel good about your decisions.

5. Deductibles are rising.

The average deductible has risen from $303 to $1,503 over the past 12 years for employer provided health insurance. Given most people get medical insurance through their employer, members have more skin in the game than ever before. A healthcare advocate helps people get the most bang out of their healthcare buck.

6. Dealing with healthcare is time-consuming.

Health insurance companies and healthcare providers tend to be open during the same hours as most businesses. This means people spend valuable work time dealing with healthcare issues. Absenteeism accounts for $225B in wasted employer dollars per year. A healthcare advocate helps reduce absenteeism by addressing its number one cause.

7. HR doesn’t want to do it.

The Human Resources function has changed dramatically over the years. HR is now a strategic role focused on building and maintaining company culture, attracting and retaining the best talent, and aligning people strategy with business strategy. Dealing with complex, time consuming, employee benefit issues is not strategic. Let a healthcare advocate take care of that.

8. Your broker is likely more focused on strategy.

Benefits brokers and consultants want to focus their time and energy on managing the second largest line item in their clients’ budgets – their employee benefits. With the cost of health insurance continually rising, brokers are challenged to find creative ways to help their clients offset those costs.

9. So many tools!

Tools and perks have become increasingly popular add-ons to employee benefit packages. Telemedicine, EAP’s, second opinion programs and wellness programs all compete for utilization. A good healthcare advocate understands all your programs and how to leverage them all for increased utilization and better outcomes.

10. Your time matters.

Last, and perhaps most importantly, your time is important. The average TouchCare members saves 3.5 hours worth of time. That’s time back in your day to spend on the things that matter.

Bonus result for employers everywhere – happier employees and cost savings. Who wouldn’t want that?

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