TouchCare Announces Return to Work COVID-19 Screening Tool for Employers

November 17, 2020
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November 17, 2020 TouchCare Team

NEW YORK, NY – November 17, 2020 – TouchCare today announced the availability of TouchCare Shield, its new COVID-19 return to work offering, to help employers safely navigate the complex process of reopening as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Employers today face an uphill battle when it comes to reopening as they balance the complicated logistics of getting their employees back into the office while keeping them safe, maintaining productivity, and keeping the business running and profitable. TouchCare Shield was created to lessen the burden on employers by providing policy creation, screening and contact tracing, bulk test ordering, and concierge services to help organizations protect the health and safety of their employees during challenging times for all.

“As businesses begin their return to work initiatives or start planning for vaccine distribution, our goal is to keep the guesswork and headaches out of it and give both employers and employees the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have a proven, effective program to keep business moving along uninterrupted while maintaining everyone’s health and safety,” said Rob LaHayne, CEO, TouchCare. “This offering gives employers the guide they have been looking for so they can stop worrying about whether they can bring employees back to work and start focusing on making it happen.”

"This offering gives employers the guide they have been looking for so they can stop worrying about whether they can bring employees back to work and start focusing on making it happen."

TouchCare Shield starts with the creation of an effective return-to-work policy for employers using a comprehensive, customizable template that’s combined with expert HR review. The automated health screening and contact tracing tool for employees alerts HR of their health status and at-home viral testing which can be self-administered without the assistance of a medical professional. These tests, which can be bulk ordered for an organization’s entire employee population through TouchCare Shield, are EUA/FDA approved, have a 99 percent accuracy rate, and are processed within 48-72 hours with most returned in under 24 hours. TouchCare Shield’s built-in COVID-19 self-assessment tool for employees provides user-friendly, visual notifications that instruct employees on whether they are OK to go to work (green), need to consult with their provider or their employer before proceeding (yellow), or should stay home (red). The tool also provides HR managers with HIPPA compliant employee health status reports to keep management up to date, with a listing of each employee’s health status.

Since 2013 TouchCare has provided high-quality, white-glove concierge services to employers and brokers and it has wrapped this personalized approach into TouchCare Shield. As part of the Shield offering, employees and their employers have access to health assistants who are available to assist members through every step of the testing process to provide clarification on how to use the kits, where to mail them, and any other questions that may come up.

“TouchCare Shield made it possible for us to maintain essential power services by protecting the health and safety of our employees as they returned to the office,” said one TouchCare client. “With TouchCare’s support, we were able to keep productivity up and prevent the spread of COVID-19 within our company.” 

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