Podcast: Measuring Employee Happiness

March 11, 2019
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March 11, 2019 TouchCare Team

Securing more happiness for your employees may seem expensive: higher salaries, free lunches, or improved benefits. TouchCare has proven employee happiness can be raised without a big investment. What if you could raise the happiness score for at least 20% of employees without changing much at all?

In a recent podcast hosted by ‘Business of Healthcare,’ Rob LaHayne (TouchCare CEO) and Matthew Monahan (VP, Benefits at Namely) sat down to discuss how both platforms increase employee happiness.

"TouchCare produces more with less for our employer clients. In just a short period of time, we achieve employee net promoter scores of 76 or better."

Below is a snippet of the conversation. The full podcast is available via the Apple podcast app.

What if your benefits advisor/broker also delivered a contemporary human resource information systems? Namely’s Vice President of Benefits, Matthew Monahan explains how his organization does just that and measurably improves employee happiness.

TouchCare produces more with less for our employer clients. In just a short period of time, we achieve employee net promoter scores of 76 or better.” 

– Rob LaHayne, TouchCare CEO

The healthcare concierge service TouchCare provides is simple yet powerful. The company helps employees better utilize the benefits they already have, especially accessing and paying for medical, dental, and behavioral health services.  Savings accrue from helping members select the best providers from both cost and quality perspective, taking the specific policies of their health plan into consideration. After a doctor’s visit occurs, TouchCare can help troubleshoot billing problems and claims errors, resulting in significant savings for employees and employers.

TouchCare’s employee engagement services are consistently utilized by 20% or more of employee populations within six months, a rate almost ten times that achieved by telemedicine, health plan customer service, and other interventions.

“Namely is a cloud-based human resource platform . . . HRIS, Payroll, Benefits Admin, Talent & Time all through our system,” explains Monahan. “I’m responsible for consultants across the country who advise our clients on their benefits decisions.”

One of Namely’s innovations is to deliver HR messaging to employees through a Facebook or LinkedIn-style interface. “You can post appreciation, you can message your employees, and it’s a way of communicating with different generations of employees.”

Namely uses TouchCare to enhance value for its benefits clients.

TouchCare is a big component of what Namely does. When a member has an issue using the health care plan or with the health care system itself, TouchCare is able to help the member directly. The result? TouchCare helps save time for the company’s HR department and delivers a better experience to the member.

– Matt Monahan, VP Benefits at Namely

“A lot of Namely’s self-insured customers are looking for creative ways to drive down costs as insurance premiums rise. TouchCare helps members actually find low cost, high-quality providers, which has a real financial impact to a self-insured employer looking to save money in any way that they can.” Monahan has led the partnership effort and appreciates the differentiation TouchCare offers, “My experience with TouchCare has been phenomenal because the solution is different than what’s happening in most traditional benefit packages today. I really enjoy being able to talk about them to our customers because I think it’s a true differentiator in the marketplace.”

Learn more about how TouchCare and Namely can help increase employee happiness and decrease healthcare costs.

To find out more about Business of Healthcare, visit their website or LinkedIn page.

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