Activate by TouchCare

Proactive outreach and early interventions for better outcomes

Activate your workforce

Activate is an easy-to-implement, lightweight solution for proactive support that combines claims analysis, personalized outreach, and PharmaCare, our cost-containment program for specialty medicines.

Target your entire population with personalized healthcare

When it comes to personalized healthcare, not all strategies are the same. Most carriers take a reactive approach, only engaging with the member after a large claim is filed or a client or broker initiates an inquiry. Then there’s Activate by TouchCare, a proactive approach to preventive care that utilizes claims data for early interventions, personalized outreach, and better outcomes.

Proactive support for your entire workforce

Our approach begins with a review of historical claims each day and flags at-risk members by looking at a range of factors and diagnosis codes. From there, our Health Assistants reach out to the member to provide early interventions and health goal planning tailored to each individual.

Claims Analysis

  • We analyze historical claims to assess who has not received age-specific preventative screenings and services.

Personalized Outreach

  • Our Health Assistants reach out to at-risk members as early as possible so we can deliver the right care at the right time.


  • A cost containment program for specialty and high-cost drugs. Employers can see savings up to 75% on pharmacy costs.

Keep your employees engaged with their healthcare and benefits

With Activate, we proactively reach out to members before health issues escalate and direct them to the best care options. Our expert Health Assistants provide targeted campaigns based on demographic-specific screenings and procedures. Activate helps people get the right care at the right time — heading off problems before they become high-cost claims. After 3 months, we’ll provide a detailed cost-savings analysis to help you better understand the health needs of your workforce.

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