TouchCare Blue

Imagine if you never had to worry
about healthcare ever again.

Healthcare, Simplified

As a TouchCare Blue member, you have a personal health assistant in your pocket.
We’re here to take healthcare worry and hassle off your plate.

Expert Assistance

Your dedicated TouchCare Blue Health Assistant is trained on your plan details and is an expert in navigating the complex healthcare system both locally and wherever you travel.

Bundled for Safety

TouchCare Blue comes packed with all of our premium services. You have immediate access to medical professionals for telemedicine, teletherapy, and expert second opinions.

Support for Your Whole Family

Your Health Assistant is here to coordinate care for your whole family. We assist with everything from finding a pre-vetted childcare solution to coordinating assisted living facilities.


Get started in just minutes.
You can reach us via app, website, and phone.


You can access our services by downloading the TouchCare mobile app for your iOS or android device. Simply login then click on the Add-ons tab from the bottom menu.


Visit and click on member login. If you are creating a new account, click new member. Otherwise, sign in and click the Add-ons tab from the left menu.


Our Health Assistants can coordinate your consults over the phone. To be connected, simply call the TouchCare Blue helpline: (833)-482-2583.


All of TouchCare’s concierge services in one place.


VirtualCare provides you with the right care, right away. With just a push of a button, you can speak with ER doctors who can treat or triage any condition.

MD Opinions

Get a second opinion from top doctors in a variety of specialties and sub-specialties. Confidently decide on a treatment plan and review your diagnosis.


Get access to a licensed therapist in as little as 48 hours. MindCare includes appointments with psychiatrists who can prescribe when appropriate.

Teen Therapy

Specially-trained therapists can treat common adolescent issues such as depression, eating disorders, bullying, drug and alcohol use, and self-harm behaviors.


Plans change, bad weather hits, sitters cancel. We can help. Tell us your needs, and we will help you find a pre-vetted childcare solution for your family.


TouchCare assists with benefits coordination, navigating Medicare, appointment scheduling, and vetting assisted living/nursing home facilities.

Men's/Women's Health

Discrete consultations and prescriptions for specific sexual health concerns for both genders such as ED, skin care, hair loss, sexual disorders, and birth control.

Travel Assistance

Before you travel, get a customized healthcare plan. We can help you understand the differences between routine, required, and recommended vaccines.


As a TouchCare member, you have a personal Health Assistant in your pocket.
We’re here to help answer any and all of your healthcare and benefit questions.

Inhale. We've got this. Exhale.

Understanding healthcare; with us, it’s personal.


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