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A Better Healthcare Experience

We know healthcare can be confusing and stressful. TouchCare provides you with the right answers to your specific questions. We're there every step of the way and promise to always work in your best interest.

  • Find a Doctor
    We always match you with a high quality, low-cost physician who is in-network and convenient. TouchCare handles everyday concerns, as well as more nuanced situations like finding the perfect specialist or surgeon.

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  • Understand Complex Benefits
    Questions about the difference between copays and coinsurance? We make sure you understand your company’s unique benefits, saving time and money.

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  • Negotiate Your Medical Bill
    Confused by medical bills? Getting overcharged? We’re here to answer these questions and investigate on your behalf.

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  • Coordinate Care
    Get the most out of your other healthcare programs by allowing TouchCare to direct traffic. We’ll guide you towards alternative options that can save you money.

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  • Compare Treatment Prices
    We research multiple facilities to find the best, most affordable option. We make healthcare transparent, providing side-by-side cost estimates for procedures.

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  • Select a Plan
    You may only do it once a year, but matching plans to needs is what we do every day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I start using TouchCare?

    Getting started with TouchCare is easy. Simply click the Member Login at the top of the page, email us (, or give us a ring at (866) 486-8242. We’re available 8am-9pm ET, Monday – Friday.

  • What types of questions do you answer?

    Think of TouchCare as the “traffic cop” for all your employer-sponsored benefits. From insurance coverage, to your benefits package, to billing questions, TouchCare can solve the problem or point you in the right direction. For example, if you’re looking for a new physician, planning a medical procedure, or think you might have been overbilled, TouchCare can help. We encourage members to “think TouchCare first.” We’re always here for you.

  • How much does TouchCare cost?

    Good question! TouchCare is completely free for members. In many instances, we can save money for our members — so it pays you to use TouchCare!

  • Is TouchCare secure? Will my employer know what I ask you about?

    TouchCare is completely HIPAA compliant, which means all your information is securely stored and never shared with your employer. TouchCare reports general statistics (like how many employees have used TouchCare in the past year), but TouchCare never shares personally identifiable information.

  • Can my family use TouchCare?

    Yes! TouchCare is available to your dependents (spouse, domestic partner, children). We love helping everyone in your family.

  • How are you different than just calling my insurance company?

    TouchCare is on your side, not the insurance company’s. Think of TouchCare as your advocate, who can negotiate bills and argue claims on your behalf. Inherently, insurance companies want to pay out claims only when they must. TouchCare wants you to get the most out of your benefits, which translates to you saving money and using your benefits smarter.

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