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Our Open Enrollment Consultations provide peace of mind.
Healthcare is confusing, our experts help you find the best plan for your personal situation.

Lightning Fast

All we need is 30 minutes. Our Open Enrollment Specialists research benefit plans and needs before the call, so we can make the most of your time.

Fully Personalized

Simply schedule an appointment, fill out a form discussing your current medications, physicians, and any upcoming life events or surgeries. Every call is unique.


We’ll follow-up with a summary of our conversation so you’re ready to select the right plans for you and your family’s needs.

Selecting benefits doesn’t need to be hard

Our Open Enrollment Consults make it easy for you to find the right plan for you and your family’s unique healthcare needs.

Completely Free

What more can we say? This custom consultation costs you and your family absolutely nothing. TouchCare helps you maximize your benefits package and save money.

Total Benefit Support

Selecting a medical plan is just the beginning. We give you advice on all of your employer-sponsored benefits as well as ancillary options (think: FSAs, HSAs, etc).

High Touch Service

These 30 minutes are for you. We invite you to ask us any questions you may have. If we don’t know the answer on the spot, we’ll get back to you with a researched answer.

FSA, HSA, HRA…Do these acronyms make your head spin?

TouchCare can explain these in plain English. Understanding how to use these benefits effectively translates to real savings.

We’re here to help you get the most out of their employer-sponsored benefits – and save money in the process.

Open Enrollment Consultations

How does it work?



Fill out an intake form detailing your family’s specific needs. All information is confidential and never shared with your employer.



During a 30-minute appointment, we’ll walk you through your employer-sponsored benefits and discuss your specific needs.



You’ll receive a detailed summary of the call, along with any answers to questions that were not resolved. Their plan recommendation is clearly outlined.

Get Started

Our Open Enrollment Consultations are personalized for you and your family’s needs.
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How does LOA support help you, our Client?

Our goal is always to be an extension of your HR team. We get to know your internal policies and procedures as though we are part of your organization. This information allows us to support you and your employees at a level you expect. We will support and protect your company by providing information about leave timelines, accommodations, and return dates. We can also assist with extensions or transitions from short-term to long-term leave if needed. We interact with your employees and their providers throughout their leave journey until they return to work. The TouchCare team will manage all employee communications, leveraging the resources and leave carriers you have selected. We will ensure a custom approach and communication that provides a common understanding. 

How do we help your Employees?

Applying for leave or understanding eligibility and leave parameters can be complex. We first request a brief intake questionnaire to help us understand the state where your employee is located, why they are requesting leave, their hire date, and when they need to begin their leave of absence. Upon completion, the individual will schedule a leave consultation with our team.  Our team of Leave Specialists will then discuss the employee’s leave eligibility (you can weigh in prior to the consultation if you would like) and assist them with the next steps. We then follow their journey with check-ins, provider follow-up, accommodations communication, return to work notifications to the employee’s manager and HR team, and more.  

If an employee requires additional leave, we can provide assistance by either transitioning them to your company’s internal employee relations team or assisting with an additional application process for an alternate leave policy. 

What types of leave do we support?

Mandatory Leave:  FMLA / ADA 

Voluntary Leave:  According to your company benefits and policies

Can we fully support your leave of absence program?

With the exception of managing your internal benefits systems and payroll solution, yes. We can provide a full source solution and even cross-check eligibility status with your team prior to communicating with members.  We are happy to leverage your internal resources, policies, and procedures.

What if we do not want TouchCare to support our LOA?

That is entirely fine! We will either provide the intake information our member has provided to you or we will advise who they should contact within your organization for leave support.

Does TouchCare assist with LOA denials?

Yes. Oftentimes, providers issue incomplete information. We can assist the member to ensure their provider completes forms correctly. We can also assist with the submission process or resubmission process.

Will TouchCare communicate with our internal team to message accommodation requirements or return to work details?

Great news! Again, yes. We understand the importance of planning and preparation. We will work with your employee, their provider, and your staff to ensure all are aligned with any return-to-work notifications and accommodations. Your team can then manage any internal system or team requirements that will be necessary for a successful return.

What if an employee exhausts their LOA benefits?

When an employee exhausts their benefits, we will communicate with you to ensure awareness. Your legal and internal HR teams can assess the situation and react accordingly.

What if an employee does not meet any of the LOA eligibility requirements?

If an employee is not eligible for LOA, we will advise the employee to communicate with the appropriate individual within your organization.

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