Combining data insights & personalized guidance to deliver
healthier outcomes for members.

A holistic approach to
clinical care management

Designed for self-insured organizations, ClinicalCare is backed by a team of experts who lead personalized programs for members who are at-risk, have chronic conditions, or have complex chronic conditions.

What is ClinicalCare?

ClinicalCare is TouchCare’s in-house clinical care management program that leverages a multidisciplinary care team who provides personalized advice, resources, and support to each member.

Making Claims Count

We dig deep into claims data to serve up insightful analytics that you can use to understand the conditions that are impacting your members, review high-cost claims and visits, and much more.

The ClinicalCare Team

The ClinicalCare team is comprised of experts from a diverse spectrum of healthcare specialties, including primary care physicians, nurses, therapists, and experienced Health Assistants.

A refined member experience

Meeting members anywhere in their health journey.

<b>Open Enrollment Support</b>

Open Enrollment Support

Guidance for members begins at Open Enrollment, where our Health Assistants help members select a plan perfectly tailored for the needs of themselves and their family.

<b>Proactive Outreach</b>

Proactive Outreach

Our managed care strategies analyze claims to identify gaps in care and recommended screenings. From there, we’ll provide direct outreaches to members based on their unique needs.

<b>Care Navigation</b>

Care Navigation

TouchCare Health Assistants look at historical health claims data, including health risk assessments to flag at-risk members and provide personalized outreaches when necessary.

<b>Reactive Support</b>

Reactive Support

Members with complex medical issues or chronic conditions are provided with individualized support and science-based strategies to improve engagement and outcomes.

A high-touch solution for comprehensive care

Delivering complete support for healthier outcomes and better ROI.

Case Management

In-house clinical care management program that leverages a multidisciplinary care team.

Proactive Outreach

Targeted campaigns for demographic-specific screenings and procedures.

Disease Management

Data and claims history used to proactively assist with chronic conditions.

Virtual Primary Care

Convenient virtual solution for selecting and establishing a Primary Care Physician.


Pharmacy advocacy and cost savings program to ensure fair prices for medication.

Virtual Physical Therapy

Access to licensed physical therapists trained in treating members via remote care.

Substantial health savings

ClinicalCare isn’t just designed for the highest risk population. Members are proactively identified via analytics, predictive modeling, and other stratification strategies. Our early identification of members with impactful needs allows us to effectively target areas where we can improve results for members and drive ROI for employers.

Disease Management

Areas for savings

• Education & support for chronic conditions
• Proactive disease management
• Reduced Claims
• Prescription assistance

Care Management

Areas for savings

• Avoid additional charges to health plan
• Adverted inpatient admission
• Negotiated discounts
• Level of care change

Health Navigation

Areas for savings

• ER diversion strategies/steerage to PCP
• In-network steerage
• Cost comparison reports
• Prescription discounts & savings strategies

Member reviews

TouchCare services are built around member reviews.
We’ve maintained a 98% customer satisfaction rating by prioritizing their specific needs.


“You just made my day. I would just like to say thank you and let you know that you do a great job every day.”

ClinicalCare Member


“I’m so glad you’re my nurse. There are few other people in my life that I like and trust and I just wanted you to know that.”

ClinicalCare Member

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ClinicalCare creates a roadmap for greater success and produces healthier outcomes for employers and their employees.

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