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Tips for Better Self-Care

Today, our families are vastly integrated into school schedules, weekend activities, and holiday travels. This means that today’s businesses have a unique landscape of work and family dynamics to consider due to the increase of generation workplace diversity. Here are a couple tips to consider when trying to make your work-life balance work for you: […]

Mental Health Matters

By Juliet Frerking on May 24, 2018

At TouchCare, we love talking all things health. It’s even in our tagline – a healthier understanding of healthcare. Our goal is make sure our members understand all their benefits and use them efficiently to be better consumers and get the best care possible.

Stay Fit at Your 9 to 5

By Dana Hannsgen on June 07, 2018

We all know the struggles of staying fit while sitting at a desk all day—sore back, no time for exercise, eyes bloodshot from staring down at the computer all day. It can be painful to think about all the time you spend sitting during the week and exercising, and meal prepping can feel overwhelming after a busy day at work.