What We Do


Happier Employees.
Cost Savings.

TouchCare combines our industry-leading expertise with a thorough understanding of your company’s benefits needs. The result? Increased employee happiness + a reduction of your healthcare costs.

Pillars Of Success

Our approach is rooted in extensive knowledge of the local and national healthcare landscape, but we believe it’s our unique approach that sets us apart.


TouchCare’s industry-leading utilization is the result of our proactive approach to engaging our members. We don’t wait for our members to reach out to us.


Our technology is great, but it’s our Experts who make the difference. Going to bat against the healthcare systems for our clients is what we’re passionate about. It’s like having a mom who is an expert healthcare professional.


Imagine having a Platinum Card for navigating healthcare. Our Experts go the extra mile to make sure our members have a pleasant experience with the healthcare system and can focus on what matters – their health, happiness, and productivity.


TouchCare takes privacy seriously. All of our interactions are confidential and our processes are HIPAA Compliant. Our goal is always to protect our clients’ best interests.


TouchCare’s dedicated service team gets to know all of your benefit options to help make sense of it all and take advantage of what’s available.


Your healthcare journey can be an emotional one. TouchCare’s Expert Health Assistants stress empathy in every interaction and our members are always our top priority.

Find out how to increase employee happiness and lower healthcare costs.

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