Vaccine Tracking

With Vaccine Tracking, it’s easy for HR to stay up-to-date
on the immunization status of their workforce.

Keep HR informed

TouchCare makes it easy for HR to request, record, and store all of their employees’ vaccination records.
Employees receive a short form that allows them to submit their vaccine records in minutes.
Vital information like dose history and vaccine card images can then be accessed by HR via monthly reports.

Easy setup

Vaccine Tracking is a lightweight solution that can be up and running in less than 72 hours.

Quick Intake

Each employer is given a unique link that employees can use to submit their records.

Useful Reporting

Monthly HR reports with employee dose history, uploaded screenshots, and signatures.

OSHA Compliant

Maintain OSHA ETS compliance by keeping detailed, accurate vaccination records.

How does it work?

Easy. Quick. Secure.


Employees receive a unique link in their email to submit their vaccine dose history, card image, and signature.


Our Health Assistants then organize and store all of your organization’s employee data in a secured database.


We provide HR with clear monthly reports detailing all of their employee’s vaccination records.

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