A Healthier Understanding of Healthcare

At TouchCare, we pride ourselves on being a true healthcare concierge.
Our distinctive services are designed to address the unique needs of our members and are based on real customer feedback.

Bill/Claim Review and Negotiation

Members send us their bills, tell us what they feel is wrong, ask questions- and we work on their behalf to fix any errors. When our members are struggling to pay their medical bills, we work to negotiate on their behalf, or coordinate payment plan options with their provider’s billing department.

Benefits Transparency

TouchCare members have the opportunity to schedule a confidential deep-dive both during Open Enrollment, or anytime after they have made their annual elections, to review plans, ask detailed questions, and receive a full consultation with a licensed health assistant.

Provider Search

We assess every provider based on a proprietary set of criteria. TouchCare Health Assistants carefully match based on location, cost, specialty type, and gender preference.

Physician Transfer Assistance

When our members wish to transition to a new physician due to a network status change – or personal preference, we manage the administrative record transfer.

Benefits Navigation

TouchCare assists with more than just medical insurance. We also support your voluntary benefits. When you need assistance with or need to understand your dental, vision, FSA, HSA, HRA – or any plan your employer offers, our team can assist.

Appointment Scheduling

After we assist our members with their provider research, we will schedule appointments directly with the providers when our members provide their availability.

Cost Transparency

We ensure that our members understand their health plans and know their out of pocket cost before they have a test or procedure. We even provide a takeaway for our members to visualize that helps them make transparent and informed decisions.

Procedure Preparation Assistance

Prior to any procedure, TouchCare offers a robust partnership that reduces stress, saves time, and eliminates confusion or administrative errors that are all too common when members experience a complex medical issue.

RxCare Consultations

We assist members to help them understand their pharmaceutical benefits and to help them determine the lowest cost options for all of their Rx needs.

Member engagement

Our goal is to educate employees about their benefits, our services, and the value of our Health Assistants. We do this through a number of engaging ways:

Active Email Series

TouchCare connects directly with members through our helpful welcome series and monthly member updates.

Digital and Print Resources

TouchCare provides educational resources and flyers. Documents distributed to HR and available in our portal.

Compelling Content

We work to keep our members informed. Our exclusive webinars, blogs, and videos work to educate, engage, and increase benefits understanding.

For added clinical support

Add-ons with impact

In addition to our expert, compassionate concierge services, TouchCare offers add-ons with a clinical component that keep your employees healthy and
reduce costs for your business. Our add-ons provide your employees solutions for telemedicine, teletherapy, medical second opinions and more.

Hear it from our members


TouchCare services are built around member reviews. We’ve maintained a 98% customer satisfaction rating by prioritizing their specific needs.


My call with Ethan was really helpful. He answered all of my questions and helped clarify the differences between the plans. I’m really glad that our company got these services for us.

James M



This was my first time using Touchcare and Christian did an amazing job. He took the time to make sure the list of potential PCPs met my requirements and he kept me in the loop with his progress.

Elizabeth S.



I am totally blown away by Lanie’s tenacious work ethic and commitment to doing what she said. In the end, the matter was resolved and I am completely relieved.

Ayana M.



This is the best benefit I’ve ever received from an employer, aside from vacation and health care itself. I don’t know how it could be better.

Emily G.