Bulk Testing

Quick & easy COVID testing for your entire workforce

Prioritize Safety for your Workplace

With Shield, it’s easy to bulk order and administer tests.
Reporting is automated and immediate results are available to staff & HR.

Accurate PCR Testing

Maintain rigorous testing with our simple PCR test kits. Testing is self-administered and easy to implement quickly.

Fast Results

Each testing kit comes packed with free 2-day return shipping. Results are delivered within 48 hours of being received by the lab.

CLIA Certified Lab

TouchCare Shield works exclusively with a single CLIA-certified lab group that specializes in coronavirus testing.

Let's keep this simple

Our tests utilize an easy saliva collection technique that can be done at home or in the office, without the assistance of a medical professional.


Employees just fill out a quick online form and scan the barcode on their test.


Included is the P23 Labs test, as well as a pre-addressed return label and detailed instructions.


In the case of a positive result, our team will reach out directly to inform the employee and HR.

How It Works

Our testing kits are self-administered and can be done onsite or at an employee’s home.

Order Tests

Simply complete the checkout flow and indicate where you would like your test delivered. As a reminder, this test Your test will be shipped out via 2-day mail on the next business day. Our team can assist with larger bulk orders.

Get Tested

Each kit includes the saliva test itself, detailed instructions, and a return mailer with a pre-paid shipping label. Employees complete a quick form online ( here) and scan the barcode found on your saliva test.

Return the Kit

Use the included return label to mail the test. Results are typically available 1-2 business days after the sample arrives at the lab. Results are securely emailed. Anyone with a positive test result will receive a phone call from TouchCare Shield.

Testing solutions for
your entire workforce

There are many components to a successful return-to-work strategy.
TouchCare Shield makes testing for large groups quick, safe, and easy.

Rigorous testing by HR can help employees have a better understanding of their risks and likelihood of exposure. TouchCare Shield makes it easy to bulk order and administer tests. Our new kits utilize a simple saliva collection method to test for active infections (PCR) and can be done without the assistance of a medical professional.

Testing made simple

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