Health Systems

Flexible enough for all areas of care.

TouchCare makes it possible to manage medical costs and attract new patients across a wide range of clinical applications.

From treatment of chronic conditions to post-surgical follow-up to urgent care delivery, give patients convenient access to your quality care and trusted practitioners.

Immediate Connections

Our telemedicine implementation team has the experience, expertise and proven best practices to immediately help you make progress. From establishing benchmarks to designing a customized workflow, training your providers to marketing to your patients, we’ve got a game plan.

Virtual Urgent Care

When patients have an urgent need, they want immediate care. Using telemedicine, you can effectively serve them with on-demand video visits, extending your reach while you maximize operational efficiencies.

Chronic Care Management

With 86% of healthcare spending attributed to chronic disease, the challenge is obvious. Let us show you how telemedicine can help tackle chronic care with easy treatment adherence and patient check-ins that can redirect costly ER visits.

Employee Clinic

You have the capacity to provide care for your own employees, so why send them somewhere else? Give employees access to your own services and expertise, trim expenses, and improve employee satisfaction.

In-home Assessments

Whether you’re serving your non-ambulatory patients or providing Medicare Advantage assessments, TouchCare can help reduce costs, improve quality, and increase ease of in-home health assessments.

Virtual Health Expertise

You may not know where to start when it comes to virtual health, but we do. We’re here to help you plan strategic patient pathways, mine metrics for better care, deliver better outcomes and increase revenue.

Deploy virtual health solutions that help you manage populations and move your health system forward.