Federally Qualified Health Center

Easily overcome barriers
with virtual health.

Engage with patients, enhance continuity of care, improve compliance, and add new revenue streams.

Whether you’re serving a geographically distant or economically challenged population, virtual health solutions from TouchCare offer cost-effective ways to deliver your care to patients.

Greater Flexibility

Build trust, strengthen relationships and make your health services a more appealing choice by offering the flexibility of video visits for scheduled appointments and on-demand care.

Reach Farther

Travel times and staff requirements for covering a large rural community add costly expenses. Our simple and effective virtual health solution eliminates drive times, reduces costs, and delivers your care to those who need it most.

Exceptional Service

Video visits don’t have to require complicated systems or new hardware. Our experts will work with you to create, deploy and integrate a virtual health solution that works for—and grows with—you and your needs.

TouchCare can help you increase patient satisfaction, manage clinician capacity and boost your bottom line.